October 2016

The value of a customer can be deceiving. Many people ONLY look at the bottom line of that one job, and see nothing else. For instance a one-time window cleaning job that brings in $175.00 would be viewed as simply a customer WORTH ONLY $175.00. But that is FAR FROM THE TRUTH. The fact is that […]


Not every job in the cleaning business is a regular recurring cleaning account. Some are one-time jobs for services like window cleaning, carpet cleaning and spring cleanings. These certainly aren’t as profitable as having a 5 time per week cleaning account, but you can’t be choosy. A paying customer is a paying customer right? Take what is […]


You are probably wondering what I mean by the phrase “what gets you hired gets you fired”. I’ll get to what it means in a second, but let me explain where it came from first. I was reading a book I purchased about starting a cleaning business many years ago. This must have been over […]


Productivity Tip: Do your most important work first.

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by Tom Watson on October 9, 2016

Mark Twain once said… “if the first thing you do each morning is to eat a live frog, you can go through the rest of the day knowing it is probably the worst thing that you’ll have to face all day.” What I think he really meant by that is this… if you take care […]


Cleaning is great, and you can certainly make good money doing it, but by thinking creatively you can add some other “profit centers” to your business. Carpet cleaning and window cleaning certainly come to mind as obvious services to consider adding to your business. Selling various paper goods like C-folds and toilet tissue all fit this business model too. […]