March 2016

When I saw this image to the right it reminded me of what you have to do when you own a business. You must ADVERTISE! In a nutshell you have to do whatever you can to SPREAD THE WORD that your company is open and actively seeking business. It can be tough in the beginning […]


Free flyer idea for cleaning companies to use

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by Tom Watson on March 20, 2016

Getting flyers out into the marketplace is one of the most cost effective ways to spread the word you own a cleaning business. It certainly works for those on a budget, and with that in mind I created one for you to emulate if you like. It revolves around what customers “look like” the moment that […]


I’ve been scanning craigslist looking at all the ads they have and I have to say many of them are horrible. Some ads are written so bad that you don’t even know what type of job is being offered. They just mention they need help but are vague about the job itself. Who would apply […]

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I went on Amazon to purchase a gift card for a friend who helped me out on a project and it reminded me of what I used to do in my business. My approach was pretty simple. Whenever someone referred me a new account, I sent them a gift card. It normally wasn’t all that much, something like $25.00 or so. Even […]