January 2016

How body language plays a role in getting hired

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by Tom Watson on January 31, 2016

I was reading a study that talked about how people sabotage their job hunting efforts because of the body language they show while being interviewed. While cleaning business owners aren’t technically interviewing for a job as an employee, they are interviewing on “behalf of their company”. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s close. So […]

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The key to getting the best carpet cleaning machine for your business boils down to knowledge. The more of it you have the more successful you will be. The ultimate goal is to get you informed enough to know what is the best choice for you. The truth is, the “best choice” is highly subjective. […]


It’s a new year with new possibilities. It’s also a new year with new challenges. You can’t separate one from the other sadly, so we need to embrace both simultaneously. That’s why today I wanted to reach out to everyone out there and ask some very important questions about where you are and where you […]


Owning a business can be a blast if you think about it. You get to have fun doing your own thing, while everyone else has to go to work. I enjoy it more than you can imagine, but not every day is a piece of cake if you know what I mean. You do have […]


Walking into a mess your customer left you is a horrible feeling. You feel like walking out and never coming back. I know! I’ve been there many times over and the feeling it gives you is one I won’t soon forget. But the fact is, it DOES HAPPEN from time to time. When I was a beginner […]