October 2015

When you wake up one morning and decide to start your own business you are embarking on an amazing journey. You’ll have some up’s and downs along the way. There is no way around that, but you can minimize the “downs” by studying what the super-successful people do in their own businesses. One way to […]


Free office and house cleaning flyer template

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by Tom Watson on October 18, 2015

I wanted to give those that are just getting started, not to mention everyone else, a bonus by providing a cleaning flyer for them to use. I never used this one in my company, but I think it has what it takes to get you a few calls if used properly. You’ll have to modify it slightly to suit […]


I’m going back to the “mailbag” today, which means I’ll be sharing my two cents on some questions that folks have asked me lately. Today makes the third installment of this series. The second one is here and the first one is here in case you missed it. If you are new around here, I’ll make mention […]


See the picture of this guy to the right? That’s how you need to be “viewed” by potential customers. When a person and or company calls YOU, that indicates they have a PROBLEM of some kind. It could be anything! Perhaps they are hiring a cleaning company for the first time and need some guidance, […]