August 2015

How you converse with people will go a long ways towards how successful you will be. The better you are, the further you’ll go. This doesn’t mean you need to have a PhD of some kind to succeed, but every single word you say DOES MATTER on some level. Small combinations of simple sounding words can be interpreted in […]


Recently there was a study that rated the customer service skills of many different types of businesses. To nobody’s surprise cable companies brought up the rear. In fact, they were dead last. That’s not saying much for an industry that makes profits by the bucketful. In their greed to make more, they dis-satisfy many. It’s a […]


Do you realize that when speak on the phone, the person you are speaking to can tell whether or not you are smiling? I know it sounds crazy, but study after study shows that it’s true. According to one recent study, people can even tell HOW BIG your smile actually is. It’s hard to believe social […]


The way our brains are wired, we hear everything all the time. This is because there is simply no way to shut our ears. They are literally holes in our heads that pick up the invisible vibrations around us. When these vibrations run into our eardrums they are converted into sound. We hear “what we want […]


I get a lot of mail from people complaining that customers just don’t want to pay them what their service is worth. While I understand that position, I don’t agree with it. The main reason I don’t agree is that I’ve had tons of high profit accounts in my career. And let me tell you, there is […]