June 2015

Today I wanted to briefly discuss how to offer different levels of service to your customers. I think it’s best to show you an example, so you can see what I mean. The example I’ll use is for carpet cleaning. The reason why this is a good idea, especially for carpet cleaning, is because this […]


When you own a cleaning business you will be asked if it’s possible to remove all types of unknown spots from carpeting. Many beginners respond by saying ” we don’t do that”, or something similar, all but giving up before ever getting started. This is sad because the vast majority of fresh spots (approximately 98%) can […]


Asking yourself some good questions, and answering them honestly, are invaluable to your overall success or failure when starting a business. So for those of you who have not actually started your business, I have a collection of questions you need to address before you start spending any money on your new business. Five questions to […]


Top 10 Advertising Slogans Of All-Time

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by Tom Watson on June 7, 2015

Having a well thought out slogan, sometimes called tagline, for your business is a very important part of your overall business strategy. A slogans goal is to summarize the product or service being offered as briefly as possible and at the same time build trust and or promote the urge to make a purchase of some kind. When I started my cleaning business I had the […]