February 2015

It’s the nearing the end of February. How are your “New Year Resolutions” holding up? Are you faithfully staying motivated to reach your goals? Let’s face it, it can be tough. When you are working on a long-term project, like starting or growing a business, it can be hard to bring boundless enthusiasm┬áto the table […]


Going out on a bid is an exciting time. You get a chance to show why YOU should get the job. It can also be a opportunity to make more than you thought possible. Sometimes you may across an account that has been neglected, and needs some more comprehensive cleaning in order to get the […]


Within a few years of starting my cleaning business I ran across an ad for a cleaning business for sale in the paper. I stumbled across it because I was always looking for an opportunity to make more money, which meant I was scanning the classifieds daily. A cleaning business for sale. I was interested! […]


Once you start landing some customers, or even submitting a bid for that matter, you’ll have the chance to up sell them on the supplies you offer. Items like┬ác-fold towels, toilet tissue, hand soap and various sizes of trash liners are just a few of the items you can provide for a fee. Keep in […]