July 2014

Five Quotes For The New Business Owner

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by Tom Watson on July 27, 2014

Just about anyone can give advice to others, but common sense dictates that not all advice is created equal. Generally I tend to give added weight to those who have a track record of success in a given area. So today I wanted to share some wisdom from those who have risen to the top of their […]


Success is NOT a straight line

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by Tom Watson on July 20, 2014

We live in a world where you can have just about anything anytime you want. Success on the other hand needs to be earned, as you really can’t buy your way in. This means you need to have some patience as you go about building your business from scratch. It takes time to build anything […]


Social media is a double-edged sword in that it can be a tremendous positive for your company or it can help to sink your online reputation. The difference can be “how you respond” to negative comments. Learning how to do so is key because social media is not going away anytime soon. Seeing all the social media channels […]


Owning a business can be frustrating at times. You do everything to the best of your ability and yet sometimes it still doesn’t matter. That was the case for me this past week. We have this account, and we’ve had it for some time, that is letting us go for another company. It’s a doctors […]