May 2014

The idea of being a good citizen, one that gives back to the community doesn’t have to stop just because you own a business. In fact, a case could be made that you now have a greater responsibility. You are taking a bigger role by owning a business, so your share increases! Supporting Fundraisers & Charities […]


While many people know that joining a networking group is a good idea for gaining exposure, sadly not everyone knows how to make the best use of them when attending. This is because there really isn’t any training manual when you sign up. This leads many people to just wander around aimlessly or worse, just sit […]


It’s no secret we live in a super fast paced world that offers instant communication day or night. As long as you have an internet connection you can talk to, order and discuss just about anything anywhere. While this new technology has certainly changed our lives, not to mention the business landscape, the one thing […]


One of the biggest traits a cleaning business owner needs to have is that of a problem solver. Think “Sherlock Holmes”. At the end of the day a potential customer is calling you BECAUSE they have a problem. You need to solve it! This requires “brain muscles”. Some of these problems are simply a matter […]