March 2014

At a certain point in your business career you’ll probably think about buying some type of company vehicle. Some people wind up purchasing a small truck while others go for either a small or full-size style van. It just depends on your taste in vehicles. When I was just getting started in the business, well before getting […]


Are “Communication Log Books” a good idea?

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by Tom Watson on March 23, 2014

Having open lines of communication between you and the customer is always a good idea. It allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of the account in a sense. One way to foster that communication is through the use of communication log books. These are really nothing more than a notebook of some […]


FREE DOWNLOAD: Window Washing Flyer

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by Tom Watson on March 16, 2014

Now that the weather is starting to break across much of the country this is a great time to start to think about making some extra money cleaning windows. This is an extremely low-cost way to put some serious dollars in your pocket. We’ve done a lot of window cleaning over the years and the […]


Question: Should my employees wear ID badges?

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by Tom Watson on March 9, 2014

ID badges used to be thought of only when thinking of big national type companies. The phone company, the gas company and the cable guy come to mind instantly for me growing up. Times have changed for a variety of reasons. Safety goes to the top of the list first, then the cost of having them […]


Not too long ago earth friendly products used to be nothing more than a tiny niche within the cleaning marketplace. They were a novelty to an extent, hard to find and not all that much in demand for many of us in the cleaning industry. Wow, how things have changed! The market for these earth friendly […]