Product Review: Spartan CLEAN on the GO Chemical Management System

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by Tom Watson on February 23, 2014

Product Description: The Spartan CLEAN on the GO Chemical Management System is a set of products designed to better control the costs associated with the use of cleaning solutions in your company.

The system comes in several different configurations, but essentially it revolves around the use of a dispenser that connects to a bottle of cleaning concentrate. The concentrate is a two litter bottle that provides 33 gallons of ready to use product. The dispensers come in different shapes and sizes based upon the desired use.

Some of these dispensers are wall mounted while others are completely portable. The dispensing unit that we purchased (and seen in the picture above) is a Spartan Clean on The Go® Low Flow Dispenser – 1 gpm. It’s wall mounted and it connects to a single two liter bottle of cleaning concentrate.

When you want to switch solutions you simply swap out the concentrate bottle. Currently there are over 20 different cleaning solutions available which include a glass and hard surface cleaner, a degreaser, smoke and odor eliminator, floor cleaner and various bathroom cleaners to name a few.

Closing out the system are specialty labeled spray bottles that pair up with the matching cleaning agent. They are color coded which makes for easy identification. This means you’ll have to purchase a set of spray bottles for each new solution you introduce into your cleaning arsenal.

Product Manufacturer: Spartan Chemical is the manufacturer.

Ideal Product Use: If you are new  – or a smaller cleaning company in general – then the Spartan Clean on The Go® Low Flow Dispenser – 1 gpm would be your best bet. If you owned a larger operation then the more robust units – the ones that allow you to connect several bottles of concentrate at the same time  – would be a better buy.

While these can be hooked up at the job site, we never did that because we wanted to keep the costs down. We installed ours at our office and had one of our staff members take care of filling the bottles and restocking the shelves. This worked out very well for our situation.

Product Pros: Very easy to install and operate. Staff members can be easily trained on its use via the simple color coding and matching spray bottle concept. One 2 liter bottle makes 33 gallons of ready to use solution which drastically cuts your overhead as far as cleaning agents go, thus maximizing your profit. Works with either a residential or commercial cleaning operation.

Product Cons: Though not a big concern some distributors may require a minimum order. For instance you may be required to purchase a case (usually of 4 each) of each individual concentrate.

Product Cost: The Spartan Clean on The Go® Low Flow Dispenser – 1 gpm comes in around $175.00. The other more robust units generally cost anywhere from $250.00 to $600.00. The concentrates have of broad range of anywhere from $33.00 per case (4 two liter bottles) for floor floor cleaner to over $200.00 for a case (4 two liter bottles) of smoke and odor remover.

Product Availability: This product is purchased through a network of national  and local distributors. We purchased our system and associated cleaning concentrates from a local janitorial supply house.

My Final Thoughts: If you are interested in maximizing your profit margins and creating a uniform system of cleaning solutions then the Spartan CLEAN on the GO Chemical Management System is something you should consider.

The initial cost may set you back a bit due to the one time expense of the dispenser not to mention purchasing the solutions by the case, but the overall savings you will benefit going forward will be well worth the cost.

Have questions about this product? If you have any questions regarding this product please leave them in the comments below. In most cases I have access to the manufacturer, their sales managers or authorized distributors not to mention my own sources and can get you a prompt answer to your question.

THANKS for reading my review of today’s product. By doing so you are educating yourself on the latest products and services that are available to the cleaning industry. This in turn helps make YOU the “go-to” cleaning contractor in your area who has the ANSWERS and SOLUTIONS for everyday cleaning related issues.

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1 Missy February 24, 2014 at 5:47 pm

Hi Tom,
Thank you for all the great info. I recently have put in 2 proposals on two separate apartment complexes. I normally just clean residential. There is a lot of competition out there. Any advice on how to stand out from the other cleaning companies when meeting the perspective customers? Also like your article on saving money with chemical management systems. Do they sell green products? The apartment complexes want green products. As you know some of the apartments have years of grime build-up. Not sure if green products will work efficiently.
Thanks for your time!

2 Tom Watson February 24, 2014 at 8:43 pm

Hi Missy! You are very welcome. To your question… Yes there is competition, but most of them are easily beatable. You stand out by LOOKING YOUR BEST. You got to “look the part” and get dressed for success, that is HUGE and most people drop the ball there.

Also, make a sharp looking proposal…

Yes. Spartan Chemical has a green line that works with the dispensers. Learn more here (page 5)…

Green cleaners can work… and it’s a good selling point on the whole (even if you don’t use them exclusively).

3 Ron February 25, 2014 at 12:48 pm

Hi Tom, I been working in the cleaning business for some years now but for other franchises. I want to start my own janitorial service but not sure if I want to start in with a franchise or go at it on my own.What do you think I should do?

4 Tom Watson February 25, 2014 at 12:54 pm

Hi Ron! I’m a BIG believer in doing it yourself WITHOUT a franchise. This business is not so complicated you need to pay THOUSANDS to get into (plus a percentage of all future earning). Especially if you already know A: How to clean and B: How long it takes to clean a given area. All you really need is the marketing side and some operational guidance and you will be fine.

5 Raquel February 28, 2014 at 7:17 pm


Can you advise what products you used for your company? I have been looking into the Spartan CLEAN on the GO Chemical Management System. They have lots of chemicals and I was wondering what chemicals you used for your cleaning company.

6 Tom Watson March 1, 2014 at 2:52 pm

Hi Raquel! We use the following regularly… Damp Mop (#8), Foamy Bath & Restroom Cleaner (#14), Multi Surface Clean (#4), NABC Concentrate (#1), Smoke & Odor Eliminator (#5), Super Concentrated Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner (#3) and Acid Bathroom & Shower Cleaner (#7). I have also used Clean by Peroxy (#15) and SparClean Sure Step (#23).

7 Raquel March 1, 2014 at 7:58 pm

Thank you

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