January 2014

When you operate your own cleaning business you’ll be responsible for the purchase, use and storage of various cleaning solutions. This means you will have cleaning chemicals at your home or office, at the job site and probably in your vehicle as well. In the spirit of staying organized – not to mention OSHA compliant – you’ll want […]


Over my years in the cleaning business I’ve relied on just the most basic set of cleaning supplies. Nothing fancy, just the basics! A little bit of glass cleaner, disinfectant cleaner, regular toilet bowl cleaner and paper towels gives you what you need to do the job the vast majority of the time. This doesn’t mean you won’t […]


For any commercial cleaning business, the value of providing sound odor management strategies can help to enhance business growth and to overcome major odor challenges in any commercial environment. Fortunately, new eco-friendly solutions have been emerging that can effectively mitigate any foul odor. Cleaning 4 Profit had the unique opportunity of speaking with Amanda Daluga, […]


When you operate your own cleaning business you will be asked all types of questions from time to time. One of those questions will be the following… What is your NAICS or SIC code? When I was asked I replied “Huh… what’s that?” A little homework uncovered the answer. The NAICS code for the cleaning industry […]