December 2013

We all want to have a profitable year, a happy year, a healthy year, and of course we want it to be the best year ever! The question is… How are you going to make it happen? It certainly won’t happen by accident, so you need to prepare for it. While everyone prepares a little […]


Small accounts add up to big bucks over time

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by Tom Watson on December 22, 2013

When people start a business they tend to have visions of landing super big accounts that “in and of themselves” make them wealthy. While there are certainly plenty of large cleaning accounts to go after, there is nothing wrong with collecting a selection of smaller ones too. Why you need small accounts in your portfolio I’m a […]


Looking for a good way of marketing your house cleaning business with very little out of pocket costs? If so read on! When you already have a home you clean in a neighborhood, why not market to the neighbors? Or the ENTIRE neighborhood! If you don’t have any houses to clean yet, don’t fret, as this real […]


As many of you may know, I’ve learned quite a bit about how to market and operate my cleaning business by simply paying attention to what the “big corporate type” companies do on a regular basis. For instance I always pay close attention to credit card companies. Why do you ask? Well because those guys […]


I know that one of the big reasons people start a business is because they are chasing the money that comes with owning a successful enterprise. On a certain level that line of thought is fine. After all, money is what makes the whole world go round not to mention you just plain need it. What […]