November 2013

When I was new to the cleaning business my goal was to target certain groups of potential customers. This made the process a little easier to grasp. After all, when you first get started in any new business it can seem overwhelming at first. To attack this problem you need to simplify everything from top to […]


In my quest to find cleaning accounts I’ve marketed my services to just about every type of business at one time or another. If you can name it, I tried to get hired by them. The vast majority of times I would try to get in front of a certain group, I would either do some […]


What do you do if an employee calls out?

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by Tom Watson on November 10, 2013

Once you get your cleaning business up and running odds are you’ll hire some help to lighten the load a bit. This comes with advantages and disadvantages to various degrees depending upon how you view things. With that said, if you want to grow the business and enjoy some time off every once and while you’ll […]


Over the years I have been in business I’ve read countless articles on how to get cleaning jobs. Some were useful but most were simply a waste of energy. Generally speaking those who try to “educate” others on how it’s done completely OVER-COMPLICATE the process. This scares beginners to the business away in most cases. “Old school” […]