October 2013

When starting a cleaning business many people focus their time and energy on either the residential or commercial markets. The residential side of the cleaning industry is all about cleaning houses and the commercial side is centered on cleaning business properties. Some even choose to clean both types of properties when getting started. In a sense it […]


10 Reasons Why Real Estate Offices Are “Goldmines”

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by Tom Watson on October 20, 2013

I’ve been screaming from the rooftop for years about the importance of visiting real estate offices. Today I will climb the ladder once more as I break down how powerful this approach is. Visiting these offices has made such a huge difference for me and my company. At the end of the day this is not only easy […]


FREE DOWNLOAD: General purpose cleaning flyer

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by Tom Watson on October 13, 2013

The trusty flyer is a great way of getting the word out about your business. While many times you’ll want to “zero in” to a specific market, sometimes you may want to cast a wider net. So in the sprit of being all-inclusive I whipped up a cleaning flyer that helps tell the world you […]


Once you get a few cleaning accounts under your belt the next step is keep them happy. This is key because if you can’t do that you’ll be stuck in an endless cycle of always needing new accounts to bring in revenue. That “cycle” is NEVER going to be broken until you figure out how to […]