September 2013

What if the customer wants a price reduction?

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by Tom Watson on September 29, 2013

Many years ago I had a situation in which an existing customer of mine called and asked me to stop in and see him right away. While a call like that doesn’t always mean “bad news”, it does make me think something’s wrong. In this particular case the customer was a facility manager who was a […]


If the world was a perfect place where everyone paid for what they owed others there would be no need for collection letters. Sadly that is not the planet we currently occupy. While the vast majority of people pay their bills on-time without incident, some need a little prodding. The most common tactic is simply […]


In order to get your foot in the door with apartment managers you need some type of “hook”. Some drop off business cards and others drop off flyers. I was always fond of sales letters. The vast majority of times I would simply mail my sales letter to all the apartment managers within a certain […]


The only real way to “know” how well you are doing is to measure yourself somehow. For instance if the goal was weight loss, then you would simply get on the scale. If you lost weight then you will “know” that whatever you were doing was working to some degree. If you gained weight then you […]


As I look back upon my time in the cleaning business it amazes me that I was able to overcome all the errors, mistakes and incorrect assumptions I made. I probably made just about every mistake imaginable at one time or another. Some were big and some were small, but somehow I was able to […]