July 2013

The cleaning business can be a rather relaxed way to earn a living as many times your “boss” is never really present when you are cleaning. This is probably more true on the commercial side than the residential side, but generally speaking the cleaning crew are the only people around. This means either you or your crew […]


Today I wanted to discuss how you may want to approach jobs you would normally consider one time jobs. These “one time jobs” are cleaning jobs that you stumble upon due to a referral, your general marketing efforts or some other means. For example lets say you get a call because someone found you via […]


I’ve been in business for a while and have seen many companies get fired for one reason or another. If you think about it, the only way I get hired is by some other poor soul getting fired. The flip side of that is that I’ve also been canned a few times. I’m not proud of that but it […]


No one intangible has more power over your potential success or failure in your business career than CONFIDENCE. When you have it things tends to come easily to you but when you lack it… you never seem to be able to obtain what your reaching for. What exactly is confidence? Confidence can be hard to put your […]