May 2013

How do I motivate my employees to do a good job?

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by Tom Watson on May 26, 2013

Once you start your business and have a few people working for you the issue of motivation will need to be addressed in one way or another. This is because you’ll soon realize that most everyone you hire won’t do the job with the same care and concern that you would. This is a HUGE issue when you […]


The number one goal of running your cleaning business is keeping your customers happy. You will do that by keeping their facility clean as a whistle. One of the ways you will make sure it’s clean is through the inspections you’ll perform from time to time. This will keep your staff on their toes and catch the small problems […]


The ultimate goal for a cleaning business is to offer a solution to whatever problem a potential customer may have. That goal must always be front and center in your brain when meeting those who have reached out to you. This is because the potential customer has a problem of some kind, and that is WHY they are […]


Beginners to the cleaning business always ask me the following question: How should I handle myself when trying to sell my services? I tell everyone the same thing. Just be YOURSELF. This comes as a shock to some because they “think” they need to be SOMEONE ELSE for some reason. This approach just turns people off […]


How to clean windows quickly and easily

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by Tom Watson on May 5, 2013

When I added washing windows to our cleaning portfolio I thought it would be a breeze. Wet window then wipe clean! I had good reason to think that. After all, whenever I saw professional window washers working they made it look so easy. But for some reason when I went out and tried cleaning windows […]