August 2012

FREE Download: Office Cleaning Checklist

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by Tom Watson on August 24, 2012

I’m a BIG FAN of using office cleaning checklists. They keep your company focused on the task at hand, not allowing you to miss the details that make customers unhappy. They also have the added benefit of keeping your staff accountable. If employees are required to follow an office cleaning checklist every time they clean, then there […]


The answer is NOT training them properly. At the end of the day, it pays to train them correctly when first hired. A common complaint many have is that it takes time and money to train new team members. I must say that is a VERY SHORT-SIGHTED way to look at the issue. Why? Because training doesn’t cost, it PAYS […]


Whether you are in the house cleaning business or over on the commercial side, one thing is clear. People need to feel comfortable with you BEFORE doing business with you. When I look back at my success at getting accounts, my ability to make others feel at ease with me stands out. Now you may […]