The single deadliest word to entrepreneurship

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by Tom Watson on October 4, 2011

The Oxford English Dictionary is filled with about 250,000 words. One of them however is extremely dangerous.

This one word is used frequently by the vast majority of people who fail to succeed in their own business.

The funny thing about this is the fact that this word is just so unassuming. I mean it only has two letters total! How much damage can a word with only two letters do you must be asking. I’m here to tell you it’s ALOT!

The word I speak of is “IF”. Doesn’t look so scary does it? But to the contrary this one word is responsible for many dreams going down the drain, and you should avoid its use to the best of your ability.

This is because far too many people who fail in their attempt to start a business use it in one way or another to “explain away” why they failed. I must admit the word is rather convenient in the sense that it allow people to shield themselves from thinking that they were to blame for their lack of results.

The hard truth however is that success or failure is not a result of any outside influences. Success is DIRECTLY related to your ability to overcome obstacles. Failure on the other hand is closely tied to excuses why something could not be done.

Here are a few excuses people use to explain why they can’t or couldn’t succeed.

If I had enough pull
If I had enough money
If I had a good education
If only I had more time
If I did not fear what “THEY” would say
If nothing happens to stop me
If I were only younger
If I had been born rich
If I could save money
If I could just get started
If I weren’t so dumb
If I were sure of myself
If luck were not against me
If I had the personality of some people
If only I had someone to help me
If I had not been born under the wrong star
If I now had a chance

Building alibis to explain away failure has become a national pastime. This is sad because success is within the grasp of virtually everyone. The only thing stopping people from living the life that they are capable of is THIER OWN EXCUSES.

Remember you are what you think you are.

Henry Ford was not well educated, so you might say he never had a chance. We all know what Henry Ford accomplished, he created an opportunity and backed it with persistence until it made him a very rich man. Ford ignored all the naysayers. He didn’t care what “THEY” thought.

Thomas Edison was thought to be crazy, crazy enough to give us the Light Bulb, Dictaphone and Phonograph to name his most popular inventions. These men experienced many set backs. Consider that Edison failed 1,000 times alone trying to create the light bulb.

The one thing these men never lost sight of was their goals. If defeat comes your way, accept it as a signal that your plan is not a sound one. Re think those plans and move ahead toward your goal. Where would we be today without their drive to succeed?

This age old quote is still relevant to this day…


The formula you need to remember is a rather simple one. It goes like this… Desire + Determination + Decision + Persistence = Success. So make sure you know what you want to accomplish and let the formula I just mentioned be your guide until you realize your dreams.

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