Why you need both inspiration and motivation

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by Suzanna Watson on August 20, 2011

What’s the difference between Inspiration and Motivation? Some of you may be thinking they are the same thing, but that’s not the case.

While you’ll need both to succeed when starting a cleaning business, or any business for that matter, understanding the differences and why they are different will help you immensely.

In the most basic sense, Motivation is the fuel for your engine, while Inspiration is the motor that makes it go. Inspiration is internal and comes from realizing your purpose. That’s why Inspiration is your motor.

After all, we all wake up motivated every morning. We say to ourselves, “I am going to do this, this and this, I will not stop until the tasks are all completed”.

That is great until you loose that motivation about mid morning. This is because your motivation was “bigger” than your inspiration. But when you look at the big picture (where this motivation will take you) your inspiration should “kick in” and drive you forward.

If you were building a house, you would be so motivated at first. Just the thought of building your future home is exciting. But as you start to take on this enormous task many times you start to loose that motivation.

The reasons could be many, for instance maybe it’s too big a task you say to yourself. When you start thinking this way then you start to doubt whether you can do it. When this happens your “how” is bigger than your “why”.

This is when you need to look at the big picture and try to visualize when this house is finished. Imagine yourself living there with your spouse, raising your children there, celebrating holidays and having your grandchildren visit you.

Now you are inspired and are compelled to complete it, just by changing the way you view the task. This is because your “why” is now bigger than your “how”. This now gives you the inspiration to move forward.

Building something from the ground up is a bit of a challenge and takes some resilience. Whether it be a house, a car or a cleaning business, it takes Motivation and Inspiration working together.

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