You’re not selling rocket boosters to NASA

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by Tom Watson on June 13, 2011

Let me start by proclaiming that the cleaning business is the easiest business in the world to start and run profitably.

I know I may be a little biased when I say that given the fact I run my own cleaning business, but so be it.

Unfortunately many people who wish to get started in this business make it harder than it has to be. They think the process needs to be complicated, cumbersome and time consuming in order for it to work.

The proponents of “let’s see how hard we can make this” generally are consumed with knowing every last detail about every single subject. This of course is simply impossible.

I think this problem some have of making it harder than necessary is easily fixed. Most of the time nothing more than a small change in perspective and some education on the topic will get them to see how simple the process can really be.

For those of you who can’t help but think the process is difficult I have news for you. You won’t suddenly become a full blown expert in insurance issues, payroll distribution, tax code, human resources, federal law or any of the other subjects you are so worried about. Get used to it.

For instance I know people who have spent a career in the insurance industry, yet still need to look into a question of mine before giving me an answer I inquired about. It’s the same for the accountants, the payroll people and all the others.

If they aren’t a total expert despite years of experience, then how can you become one in just a few weeks of looking into an issue? You can’t! Every minute you waste worrying sets you back one minute from getting started and taking action.

So this leads me to a very important concept that you need to grasp to overcome this problem. The sooner you get in step with this line of thinking the better off you will be in my opinion. It goes like this..

The only thing you need to worry about when starting your cleaning business is convincing others that you are capable of taking out their trash, cleaning their bathrooms, mopping their floors and vacuuming their carpets.

That’s it folks! Anything that you do to make that scenario come true is good, and anything that gets in the way of that is bad. Sorry to disappoint some of you, but that’s all you really need to do.

So when you are getting confused and need some direction always remember that objective, as everything else doesn’t matter in a sense.

All the other details you were so worried about are going to be sorted out by the people you hire with the money you just brought in by following my advice. Do you see where I’m going with this?

It’s kinda of like a three step plan in a sense. They have to be done in a certain order because nothing will ever get accomplished if you go the other way around. Follow along once more.

Number One: You are never going to know the answers until you get the process started.

Number Two: You need to focus on convincing others to do business with you before you can worry about the problems created by the act of getting business.

Number Three: The money you earn by following step two is what you’ll pay the experts with to handle the smaller details that go with running a cleaning business. The ones you were so worried about just a little while ago.

This three step plan all starts with taking action. You can’t be paralyzed by the fear of the unknown, because there will ALWAYS be unknowns when you are in business.

Step two is key because the only way to get money coming in is to use my “keep it simple” approach of getting folks to do business with you. Like I mentioned before, you’re not selling rocket boosters to NASA.

Step three is all about letting the experts do what the experts are good at, which is tackling the smaller details that go with running a business.

So I encourage you to take my advice and simplify the process and thought patterns that held you back from just getting started in your own business. This is a simple business as long as you keep it simple!

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