June 2011

Independence Day is usually a time for family and friends to gather and make memories that last a lifetime. As we celebrate July 4th in our great nation this year, let us all remember why we do celebrate Independence Day. Our fore fathers had the guts to separate us from England’s rule so that we may […]


5 things an office manager will never tell you

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by Tom Watson on June 21, 2011

I’ve been in the cleaning business for over ten years now. During that time I’ve learned quite a bit about how the business works and what to look for. Some of the topics I’ll speak to in this post were painful for me (see items one and two), while others weren’t so bad. In either […]


What my 99 year old (young) father has taught me.

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by Suzanna Watson on June 17, 2011

This post is all about the lessons I learned over the years from my dad. I thought discussing these topics would be appropriate since Sunday is Father’s Day already (hard to believe but it is). Like the headline indicates, my dad is 99 years young and still going strong. Though he has taught me many lessons […]


You’re not selling rocket boosters to NASA

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by Tom Watson on June 13, 2011

Let me start by proclaiming that the cleaning business is the easiest business in the world to start and run profitably. I know I may be a little biased when I say that given the fact I run my own cleaning business, but so be it. Unfortunately many people who wish to get started in […]


Following through on the promises you make is all that matters when you are in business. The customer has a need, you fill it. It’s the equivalent of hitting the bulls eye on a target.    This issue will define you when you own and operate your own cleaning business, so you need to give it the attention […]


Sales Fact Or Fiction?

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by Tom Watson on June 8, 2011

Once you start your own cleaning business you will meet all types of people. Many will be from the “advertising business”. Most all of them will claim they can get you a boat load of customers fast, painlessly and without much effort. They will usually ask you to sign on the dotted line, tell you who to make […]