It All Boils Down To Trust

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by Tom Watson on May 7, 2011

At the end of the day your marketing, your ability to sell, your brand and whatever credibility your business possesses comes down to one thing. TRUST.

If you possess that trust, you have yourself one successful cleaning business. If you don’t, well lets just say you are going to have a rough time of it.

To put this in a different perspective, think of any personal or business relationship’s you have had in your life. How close you feel to that person or company is directly tied to how much you trust them. 

The more you trust them, the deeper the connection gets. As this connection gets deeper, it increases the chances for a long lasting relationship. Everything really makes sense when you view it this way doesn’t it?

Now what does this mean for your business? It translates into more profits. Again, this just makes sense. The more the customer trusts you the more they will spend on your services. Plus they will do this over a longer period of time than they would have otherwise.

No business relationship can be profitable without trust being front and center. So this means you really need to work hard at not only gaining it, but keeping it over the long haul.

When potential customers first meet you, they are carefully evaluating you. Basically they are trying to figure out if they can trust you. Then they spend some time trying to determine if you care about them and their problem or are you just after their money.

So how do you go about earning their all important “trust”? Well it comes down to two main components with the first one being honesty. Always be honest with your clients. This may sometimes mean you need to “fess up” from time to time when your service lets the customer down. Just do it, it makes all the difference in the world.

The second part of the equation is caring about the customer. I’m not talking about the “lip service” type caring that many companies show, I’m talking about actually caring. You do this by going out of your way for them…regularly. Behave like you deserve their trust and you will get their trust.

When you do deliver these two components it demonstraties that you run a different type of company. In other words…actions speak louder than words. So all you need to do is go the extra mile and you will be rewarded.

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