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by Tom Watson on March 23, 2011

We all get frustrated from time to time, and that is to be expected.

But many times I see people who ALWAYS seem frustrated in their attempt to start a cleaning business.

Why is that? Is there some “frustration gene” in our DNA that gets switched “on” somehow? I doubt it.

Many times I think the real reason is because these folks are not performing tasks in their “logical order”. Need an example to drive this home?

Ever try putting your pants on AFTER your shoes are on?

I know that sounds silly but the equivalent happens all the time in the business world. This is how that process generally works. Someone gets a bright idea that will save them a minute or two of work. 

They figure they can skip one step and pocket the time saved so to speak. Sounds like a great plan right? But in realty what happens is they spend 10 minutes trying to get unstuck from the situation they got themselves into.

In the process of trying to save some time, they just make it harder for themselves. They are simply performing tasks out of their logical order and they don’t even know it. This goes on day after day, just with a different set of issues.

Now to be perfectly honest, it’s a no-brainer to put your shoes on after your pants. But in the business world the choices are not always so clear cut, and this is where people get into trouble.

Many times people get engulfed with so many different sets of ideas and tasks that they lose track of where they are. So they work on one idea for a while, then move on to another idea and then to the next one with no clear mission.

With that said, here are few tips to get you on track again.

A – Only purchase something when you actually NEED it.

The fastest way to make your start-up costs go through the roof is by purchasing items you won’t need for months. This creates shortages in your cash flow that are easily avoidable.

I’m a HUGE fan of putting this technique to use. In fact it’s the reason why we succeeded in our cleaning business. We started with very little cash and we teach the same principles in our courses so you can benefit from this approach as well.

B – Put a skill to use AS YOU LEARN IT. 

If you are reading a book about making your website overflow with visitors, put the new knowledge to work right away. Sadly most people do the opposite. They read a book on the website traffic idea BEFORE even having a website (out of logical order).

When they finally get around to having a website, they forgot all the lessons they learned in the book. This forces them to read the book once again, wasting valuable time in the process.

C – Don’t do something just because SOMEONE SAID you should.

You need to consider what makes sense for you. Does it fit in with what you are out to accomplish? If the answer is no, then you need to put that idea in the trash can right away.

Performing tasks that have nothing to so with your mission is nothing more than a total waste of time. Stay focused on the important stuff and don’t put too much stock in what the “gurus” tell you to do.

D – Stick to your master plan.

It’s real easy to get side tracked when you get started but you need to avoid that temptation. You need to keep your ship pointed in the right direction, or you’ll just drift endlessly at sea with no port as a destination.

Well there you have it, four ways to avoid having your frustration level hit critical levels when getting started. You may not always stay on track 100% of the time, but do the best you can.

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