The Courage To Succeed

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by Suzanna Watson on March 2, 2011

Courage is a trait we all need in order to succeed. This applies to both our personal life and professional life.

Starting and managing your own business can take a lot of courage, that’s for sure. In a sense it determines whether you will or will not succeed in your business.

If you feel you lack the courage to start or even to grow your existing business, you must develop your courage muscle like a person training for an Olympic event.

After you build that muscle, you must cultivate the attitude, skill and ability to use it. This is because courage often means making uncomfortable decisions. The goal is to always do what is right, not what feels good at the moment.

You must also be flexible and willing to change. This may mean simply not doing something one way because it has always been done that way. Show the courage to change something if the outcome will result in a benefit to your business and it’s bottom line.

Courage also applies to paying attention to your critics. In others words, listen to criticism from others, you may just learn something. But just remember, no matter what always do what is right from an ethical and principal standpoint.

There may be other cases where you said “I thought I was doing the right thing”, and then found out it wasn’t the right thing to do. That may happen from time to time so be prepared for it.

Just don’t be paralyzed into not making any mistakes. Simply own up to them and move on. Look at it as a learning experience and vow not to repeat that same mistake again.

We all need courage for many different reasons when starting or expanding our cleaning business. This may include the act of getting started itself, acquiring that very first customer, hiring an employee for the first time or having to fire someone.

You need courage every step of the way in this process. So start working on building your courage and you will succeed in this business, that much I’m sure of.

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