If You Believe You Can Do It, Then You Can Do It!

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by Tom Watson on December 31, 2010

For those who are considering starting a cleaning business, belief can play an important role in your success.

Belief is defined in the dictionary as “any cognitive content held as true”.

It may be possible to succeed without having belief, but I doubt it.

For me, I find it hard to see how you could ever convince others to do business with you if you didn’t think (deep down) that you could be successful. Honestly, I just don’t know how you could pull it off.

Now I’m certainly no psychologist, but I do know a thing or two about turning your financial future around. Not to say I was not down in the dumps by any means before starting my cleaning business, because I wasn’t.

I had a good job, a car (OK…a mediocre car), a roof over my head and a few bucks in the bank but that was about it. But I never had any real true financial success until the cleaning business I started from scratch took off and became a tremendous financial windfall for me.

In my case, I know that belief in myself was the single biggest factor in my success. I tell this story quite often, but it’s as true as me sitting here writing to you.

I vividly recall the decision to start a cleaning business. I did my homework, and looked at all the other opportunities out there and decided the cleaning business fit the bill. It had low start-up costs, it wouldn’t interfere with the job I had at the time and I could grow it as slow or as fast as I wanted to.

I talked the decision over with my wife and she agreed. What I remember most about that day is that I had a sense of total and unwavering belief that this new business was going to be successful. To put this in a proper historical context, I never had this feeling before.

Now this is significant because I had failed at other businesses before. Though the earlier business failures we not fresh in my mind (they occurred ten years before), they certainly were never forgotten.

So for some odd reason, “an unwavering belief” that success was certain filled me from head to toe that day. This belief has never left me to this day, and I’m a better man for it.

Now I’m sharing this story not because I wanted to discuss ancient history, but because I wanted you to know that this belief can be yours too. The “odd” reason I spoke of a moment ago is not really so odd.

It just boils down to this, that day was the day I realized that success is not just for “other people”. It’s for everyone (and that includes you). How did I come to this conclusion?

Well, I looked around at the successful people I knew and asked myself what made them different. The only thing I came up with was the fact that when they started a project, they “expected” to succeed at it.

BINGO…it was that simple. The beauty of this discovery of mine is that it will help you too. If you believe you will be successful, you will. Now this does not let you off the hook for doing your homework and working hard at your new business, you have to do that of course.

All I’m saying is you need to remember one thing, if others can go out and become a success, so can you. Just believe!

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1 Nick Rosamilia April 21, 2011 at 2:05 pm


Love the site, it is a wealth of information.

I have lived by a similar axiom for years now; ” If you think you Can, You Can! If you think you can’t, you’d be right, so why think that way.”

It has served me well over the years.


2 Tom Watson April 21, 2011 at 3:22 pm

Thanks Nick!

I agree… You can never go wrong with a positive attitude.

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