Repetition, the secret marketing ingredient for your cleaning business.

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by Tom Watson on December 7, 2010

Repetition is defined as an “act that repeats”.

This “repetition” is the key to your success in the cleaning business.

What this means is that you need to be consistently “seen” by your potential customers. How often your “seen” in regards to your business directly effects your bottom line.

Now this will apply to each of you differently, as each cleaning company has it’s own unique way of reaching out and touching their potential clients. For some of you networking plays a large role in your client recruitment efforts.

How this would apply to you is that you need to be a consistent attendee to your networking events. Showing up at one or two events a month will never allow you time to build a relationship with any of the other members. At that rate it would take you a year to make any real friends. 

Do you want to wait a year to get anything out of your networking events? I hope not! You need to do better than that if your going to have any success. This means that you need to attend as many functions as possible. You need to be seen as a reliable partner, and you will NEVER be seen as reliable if you only show up once in a blue moon.

For those of you who advertise in the paper, you need that “repetition” too. Running an ad in the paper just once will generally yield very little. You need to be seen as “reliable”, and the only way to been seen that way is through a constant presence in the paper.

When you ad is seen over and over again by the readers of the paper they sense that you are a reliable company that they could do business with. Now the hard part is that “repetition” takes both time and money, not to mention a healthy dose of resolve on your part.

You need to stay in front of the audience that needs your service so that when the times comes, they see you as the “safe and reliable” way to go. And the only way to be seen in that light is though constant repetition. Investing the time and the money in this time tested strategy is a sure fire way to success in your own cleaning business.

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