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by Suzanna Watson on November 9, 2010

Today I want to talk about your motivation for starting a cleaning business.

If you are starting your own cleaning business just for the money, you may be starting it for the wrong reason. Lets analyze why.

Money is a great motivator, but you will go nowhere if that is your only reason for starting your own cleaning business. You must believe that there is more to it than just a pay check.

You must want to give great service to your cleaning customers. You must love what you do (or be very close to loving it). This is because the more you love it, the more customers and friends you will make. The more friends you make, the more cleaning accounts you will get. In other words…give first, the money will follow. As I have stated before, having you own business gives you freedom.

But it doesn’t just happen unless you get this part right. 

Keep this “mind set” ever present when dealing with potential customers. Your honesty and integrity are everything in the business world. You must like people, or they will not like you (you need to be sincere, you can’t fake this part!). Always have a positive attitude. Be excited about making a customer’s office look and smell great. Do everything with gusto.

You must also have fun (be easily amused). If you are too serious or inflexible you will not handle problems very well. There is an old saying that goes “stay flexible or always be bent out of shape”.

Have the enthusiasm of a child going forward. Think of how excited you would get when you were little and anticipated doing a fun activity. Get that excited when you go out on bids and meet people for the first time (especially while networking). If you do not have this mind set your competition will win the contracts instead of you. Why? Because the folks who are most most excited have a big edge!

This is a subtle nuance of business that many people don’t even know about, yet it can sink your ship if your not careful. I’ll sum it up this way…Put people first, have fun, smile a lot and do a good job. The money will follow.

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