Why I Started My Own Cleaning Business

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by Suzanna Watson on August 23, 2010

Starting my own cleaning business was one of the best things I’ve done with my life.

Looking back 10 years, it was a bit of a struggle for the first few years.

It wasn’t because it was too hard to do, it was because we were burning the candle at both ends for a while. Working all day at our regular job, then going home and starting all over again.

It required quite a bit of sacrifice.

However once the business was running smoothly, it gave me the freedom that working for someone else never would. And it is for this reason I’m so happy I just did it!

When I worked for someone else, I had to ask for time off (sometimes beg). When there was an emergency in our family I of course just took the time off, but was told I had to use sick time or vacation time.

For instance when my mom was in the hospital and very critical I had to leave work to run to the hospital. Afterwards I was docked for the time I was away from the job. That is what really helped me decide to start my own business.

My dad is a senior citizen. Correct that, a very senior citizen, as in 98 years old. Thankfully he still can care for himself (he drives to work four days a week!) and still has his faculties. He is down right amazing!

But he does have the occasional health scare. Sometimes this results in a hospital visit. No one likes taking chances at that age as you can imagine. But when that happens I just go, I don’t have to call out or find a replacement for my job. No looking for my manager, no asking permission.

The freedom to make these choices myself changed my life. Freedom puts you in charge of yourself, no more playing second fiddle to somesone elses dreams.

This freedom manifests itself in many small ways. On days when I’m out networking, I sometimes drop in and visit with family and friends if I’m in their area. These small freedoms make life fun and enjoyable. 

Why settle for anything less?

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