A Tale Of Two People. Part 1. The Failure.

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by Suzanna Watson on August 12, 2010

You run into all types of people when you start your own cleaning business. Some are wildly successful and other are not.

This got me thinking. What makes one person incredibley successful and another a total failure in the business world?

I gave it some thought and came up with a tale of two people that will help you see the differences. Todays post will be about the unsuccesful person.

What do the unsuccessful do wrong? Well…lets see. They tend to hop from project to project and job to job. They may get a new sales job promoting some product or service and say “I love what I do I’m going to do it forever”. Well that lasts about one month and they quit.

Next month comes and they are back hawking another product or service, just with another company. But that does not seem to work for them either, so they quit on that project yet again.

Then comes the “I’m starting my own business” and I want everyone to use my services. You decide to call them because you need that service but guess what happens? You get the “oh I don’t do that any longer! Now I’m doing this instead”.

Then they decide to get another job and push some other product! It gets so hard to keep up with that type of person that you just give up on them. Yes it’s good to try different things but after a while you become known as unreliable and you lose your credibility.

Don’t blow your own horn before you are sure you know what you are doing. You need some staying power! Having a good reputation in the business world is golden. Always be able to deliver on what you promise because without it you will have a hard time convincing the world to do business with you.

In my next post I will touch on the traits of a succesful person and why that person succeeds.

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