The Irrational Fear of Insurance In The Cleaning Business

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by Suzanna Watson on August 6, 2010

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Question. Why do we all fear purchasing insurance? Answer. We don’t understand it.

Starting your own cleaning business creates a fear of buying medical insurance, vehicle insurance, liability insurance, and getting bonded.

The way to get over the fear of insurance is to get a good insurance agent. When you do that all your fears should go away, because they will explain it all to you in layman’s terms.

If they can’t do that, then find another agent. This is important because to be able to say you are insured and bonded is important to landing a job.

Liability insurance is insurance against breakage or a mishap that may be caused by you or your employees. An example would be if you just wet mopped a bathroom floor and an employee of the office where you are cleaning goes into the bathroom slips and falls on the wet floor.

If they get hurt, even though you have a wet floor sign out, you can be liable for their injuries. For this reason you need insurance. If you don’t even know where to start on that, you can get free business insurance quotes online by just filling out a short form over at Hiscox Small Business Insurance. Click on the image below and get your free quote.

Bonding just means you are covered for theft. It is a nice to have coverage for theft, not because you’ll ever need it, but because it eases your customers concerns during the buying process. The customer may very well choose the bonded company over the non-bonded company if everything else is equal.

Other fears of insurance exist as well. Some worry about medical insurance for themselves and their family. In this case you can get into a small business pool and get insurance at a reduced rate, rather than going it alone and paying much more. This is not a complicated process, though many think it is.

Most insurance agents or brokers deal with more than one company and can find you the best price on all your business and personal insurance needs. Your agent or broker should guide you in how much insurance to purchase according to your business and personal needs.

You do not necessarily have to deal with the major insurance carriers, there are many companies out there that can meet your needs. Let your agent go through them for you. It will take you many hours to research all that is available out there, they can do it quickly and efficiently,

There is no need to fear buying insurance, just get a good agent and they will walk you through the process. Don’t stop until you fully understand what your coverages are and feel comfortable with the process.

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Hello Tom
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