Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

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by Tom Watson on August 1, 2010

One of my first bosses favorite sayings was “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

It still sticks in my head to this day, and I’m glad it does. It’s a great reminder that empires take time to build.

I know when you first start your cleaning company you want to grow as fast as humanly possible. You want your empire now! 

There is nothing necessarily wrong with that. Ambition can be a great motivator. Just do your best to take the long view on things because…

Great companies take time to build.

When you are a small company you get to learn what works and what doesn’t without the pressure of a full schedule. This makes life more stress free. Nothing is worse than learning on the fly plus having the added burden of so many jobs that you can’t afford any mistakes when you are too busy to correct them.

Get efficient, then build your empire.

Once you start to grow larger you want to already know the best way of doing things, you don’t want to experiment too much. You need efficiency at this stage! But efficiency only comes from learning the best way to do things. So it’s best to do your learning when you are still a small company.

I can’t stress enough that you need to make the most of your time when you first start out. Learn the ropes a bit, then build systems that make doing a good job routine. It makes for a very profitable company when done this way.

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