In A Sales Slump?

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by Tom Watson on July 28, 2010

Much like a batter in the Major Leagues, people in sales get stuck in slumps too. You swing and miss more than you like to.

It is very easy to start doubting yourself after getting rejected a few times in a row. I know that it has happened to me more than once.

But you need to keep a few things in mind.

ONE – Getting rejected is not all that bad. This is because if you are getting every last bid you are submitting something is wrong. Odds are you are leaving money on the table, offering your services too cheaply. Ideally you want to strike a balance that you can live with. Preferably that balance allows you to get accepted for the profitable jobs but leaving the skin and bone jobs to your competitors.

TWO – Never let the last rejection show in your body language or demeanor during your next sales pitch. Many times it’s not the swing (sales pitch) that is poor, but the attitude that you bring in with you. This unneeded baggage shows in your voice and body language in a negative way. This subconscious negative vibe you produce scares the client away.

Keeping these two things in mind will help you avoid an extended sales slide. This does not mean you won’t have hot and cold streaks, just that you’ll avoid the season long slump.

Remember that the best batters in the big leagues have the ability to “wipe the slate clean” before each at bat, thus cleansing themselves of any negative thoughts. You need to do the same and success will follow.

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