Overcoming Doubt

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by Tom Watson on July 17, 2010

The success or failure of your business will boil down to one thing for many of you. Overcoming doubt. This doubt can have a paralyzing effect that stops dreams dead in their tracks.

What exactly is doubt? It is the imaginary place that sits between belief and disbelief. Where does this doubt come from? It’s manufactured at a location you know quite well.

Right inside your own head.

As with most problems, this one is self-inflicted. You create it and only you can overcome it. Nobody else can do it for you. Doubt can manifest itself in many forms, all of which will make success seem like a long-shot.

This “lengthening of the odds” mentality eventually wears some people down, forcing them to abandon their dream before ever getting started. I am only aware of one antidote for this common problem. A two letter phrase that cures and cleanses.


You need to just get started! Nothing can stop the tremendous power that taking action provides. In fact taking action cures many other issues as well. Procrastination, fear and feeling unprepared all get erased with a healthy dose of well placed action.

We all have our own little pity parties from time to time. In fact…I still have them every now and then (even after ten years in business). But the only thing that ever gets me to turn the corner and have that burning, irresistible feeling of manifest destiny is actually getting off my butt and taking action. It solves the problem every time.

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