Making It Personal. The Handwritten Note

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by Tom Watson on June 14, 2010

When your at home looking over your mail, do you get as excited as me to receive a real letter/note?

I’m not talking about the computer generated envelopes that are written in cursive to make you think it is handwritten. I’m talking about an actual handwritten note from a real person.

One that displays someone’s less that perfect handwriting ability. You know…the one that makes you wonder how the postman knew it went to you. In today’s world of all junk mail all the time a old fashioned letter really stands out.

I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t throw out a handwritten note. It doesn’t matter if I don’t know the sender. I’m going to read that note. Someone obviously went through the trouble of writing it so it deserves to be opened.

This is a powerful concept.

As a business owner who wants to connect with potential clients (not to mention current ones) the handwritten note can be your secret weapon. I don’t know why but a handwritten note creates a much more direct connection between the writer and the reader.

Maybe because it brings us back to a simpler age when there was not so much “noise” to sort through. Today we are inundated with advertisements, sales calls, telemarketing, brochures and commercials all trying to get our attention (I even get texted by advertisers on my phone!). But somehow a simple little note just seems so uncomplicated.

And no one uses it!

This is a great way to make yourself stand out (not to mention a simple one). You can make use of personal letters/notes in many ways. Some examples would include:

  • After performing a bid for a new cleaning customer (either before or after you know the result). It shows you run a class act and will reflect positively on your company no matter the result of the bid.
  • Sending out a personal thank you note after performing extra work for the customer.
  • Thanking customers for any referrals that was sent your way.
  • After receiving a testimonial from a customer.
  • For no particular reason at all. Just a simple “thank you” note indicating you appreciate their business.

Make use of this secret weapon and you will create a gap between how you run your business and how your competitors run theirs. The community you travel in will notice your personal touch over time and your bottom line will improve because of it.

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