Voicemail Intervention (Part 2)

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by Tom Watson on May 27, 2010

No I am not suggesting you record a rap song!

Your probably quite happy about that! But we can use the power of differentiating ourselves through the creative use of our voicemail. Just like when I was a teenager and all the messages sounded the same, the same is true of business voicemail today. It is bland and unoriginal with nothing memorable about it.

It does not have to be that way.

Consider shedding the conventional and get more creative. Making a message that conveys your enthusiasm for your work. Crafting one that makes people think! Creating one that people talk about and share with others (just like with my rap song).

The same principle is used by many companies when they create a jingle for a TV spot or the radio. Most times the jingle created is simple and easy to remember. Sometimes too simple and ridiculously annoying. Remember the Clapper. The device that turns on (and off) your lights in your home. The jingle went like this “Clap On Clap Off…The Clapper!

The jingle was no masterpiece but boy did it get people talking. Satires were made of it on TV and the late night comedians had a blast with it. At the end of the day it created a buzz for the product that was measured in dollars and cents.

Apply some similar creativity to your voicemail.

Why leave a message indicating your not in the office? If the machine picks up the customer already knows your not there before you waste the time explaining it to them on your message! It is kind of silly when you think about it isn’t? Why waste your breath telling the customer your “sorry” to miss their call? You can’t be too sorry when you do it every single day. I mean you need to leave the office to earn a living right? No need to be sorry about it.

Need some tips to get your creativity flowing?

How about having one of your children leaving a message for you. It could go like this.

“Thanks for calling All County Cleaning. My Dad owns the best cleaning business in town. In fact he is out of the office now servicing some of his customers. If you don’t mind leaving your name and number, he could be servicing your office this time next week.”

How about asking your best customer to record the message. What could be better than a potential client hearing a testimonial from a current customer when calling your office?

“You have reached All County Cleaning. They are out servicing accounts at this time. My account is one of them. Hi I’m Bob Davis and I run the local Realtor office in town. All County Cleaning has been servicing my account for the last year and I couldn’t be happier. They do a great job and take a lot of pride in their work. Give them a chance to clean your office. You’ll be happy you did.”

How about something simple?

“Thanks for calling All County Cleaning. We are currently cleaning the bathrooms, kitchens and floors of our Tuesday clients. If you would like to be on the list leave your name and number and we’ll get right back to you.”

How about something funny?

“Hi this is Dave and I own All County Cleaning. I’m busy right now servicing some of my clients. I do this because I have two kids who want to go to college but I currently can only afford to send one. If you leave a message you can rest assured I will get back to you.”

Consider using your voicemail to differentiate your company in a positive way. Give your potential customers something to remember you by. Separating yourself from the pack is key to your success. Using your voicemail to help set you apart can help give you the edge that your competitors don’t. Let your imagination run and have fun.

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