May 2010

Why Testimonials Matter

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by Tom Watson on May 31, 2010

Testimonials can be a powerful force in your cleaning business if you take the time to ask for them. Lets think for a moment why that is. When you talk about your product or service you are decidedly one sided. Of course this is because you have a vested interest in promoting the positives of […]


What You Can Learn From My High Cable Bill

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by Tom Watson on May 28, 2010

My wife Sue came to me today with news concerning our cable bill. The monthly price has become a topic of conversation in our home lately as the price jumped to $158.00 per month recently. This of course set off alarm bells in Sues head because she knows we do not watch $158.00 worth of […]

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Voicemail Intervention (Part 2)

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by Tom Watson on May 27, 2010

No I am not suggesting you record a rap song! Your probably quite happy about that! But we can use the power of differentiating ourselves through the creative use of our voicemail. Just like when I was a teenager and all the messages sounded the same, the same is true of business voicemail today. It […]


Voicemail Intervention (Part 1)

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by Tom Watson on May 27, 2010

Many years ago I learned about differentiating myself as a teenager. I unexpectedly learned how it could benefit me. Now I think of how it can benefit my company (and yours). But first let me roll back the clock to an earlier time. Keeping in touch with friends when I was younger was a little […]


Just Showing Up May Get You Hired

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by Tom Watson on May 24, 2010

As I stare at the front of my home one thing stands out. The front steps. Not because they are particularly sub-standard, or for that matter a piece of art. But because they are just so very average looking. A slab of concrete with four steps and a upper and lower landing. So my wife […]


You Can’t Make Them All Happy

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by Tom Watson on May 22, 2010

As you get some experience in the cleaning business you will learn that not all customers will be happy customers. There are many reasons for this. Some are fixable and some are not. Most problems are the result of a lack of communication from the start. Unhappy customers will manifest themselves in different ways. Sometimes […]


Hit The Ground Running

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by Tom Watson on May 21, 2010

I often get asked “If you were starting your cleaning business today, what would you do to spread the word your in business? That’s easy. I would tell everyone I know and have ever known that I now own my own cleaning business. This includes not only close family and friends. It would also include […]


Building A Better Business Card

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by Tom Watson on May 19, 2010

Let me start by rendering my opinion on many of the business cards I see day to day. Most are not worth the recycled paper they are printed on. It’s sad to say but many people put next to no thought or creativity into the creation of their business cards. And by extension, next to […]


Direct Mail Secret

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by Tom Watson on May 18, 2010

Everyone hates junk mail. No secret there. I know from personal experience that at least half of my mail hits the trash can before being opened. When your  a business owner who does direct mail you need a way around this problem. I have a solution that has worked for me. Make your direct mail […]


Bidding Against Competitors

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by Tom Watson on May 17, 2010

The phone rings and on the other end you have a potential customer calling you for a cleaning quote. This is good news and your all fired up and ready to go. You spend a few moments chatting on the phone and you are just about ready to ask when you can pay a visit. Then […]