Grow Slow And Steady

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by Tom Watson on April 27, 2010

I wanted to do a quick post today on the topic of growing your cleaning business. When you first start out it seems hard to imagine that the little seed (your new company) you planted will ever grow up.

It is easy to get impatient and frustrated. You want instant gratification and success. When you don’t get it the idea of “I should just quit” starts making headway inside your brain. You can not think that way! You need to take the long view when looking at your future.

Your new business venture can’t be rushed to success. It needs to grow slowly at first. The roots need time to mature. Believe it or not there is a benefit to the slow method. You get to learn the ropes without worrying about making giant mistakes that could sink you. You learn slowly and more thoroughly. The lessons sink in better and these lessons will stay with you your entire career.

My point for today is to just chip away each day at the tasks at hand. Be patient in the beginning stages. Let your roots grow. Concentrate on performing a good job and making the customer happy. These are your two most vital elements when first starting out. Everything else will sort itself out over time. Stay focused and soak up the lessons you learn like a sponge and you will be just fine.

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