7 Secrets To Sales Success

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by Tom Watson on April 2, 2010

What is one of  the most important aspects of your business? One that has tremendous influence over how successful your cleaning business will become. One that can easily be improved upon no matter the situation.

The answer is how well you sell yourself.

How well you sell your yourself (and by extension how well you sell your services) will determine whether or not your company stock rises quickly or stagnates. This ability comes naturally to some while others struggle. If you think you need some help then the following seven secrets will help you improve.

# 1 – Believe In Yourself

This may seem a little obvious but it may be the most important secret of all. As Henry Ford said “whether you think that you can or that you can’t your usually right either way”. The power of believing in yourself is paramount to your success. If you don’t believe in (insert whatever service your selling) how is the customer going to believe you can? In short they won’t. People can spot someone who is faking it a mile away and will go elsewhere for their services.

# 2 – Be A Trusted Source

Do not make it your main goal to be known as a salesman. People don’t want to hear your presentation. They will cross the street to avoid another sales pitch. Instead make it your mission to be known as a valuable source in your industry. In short know what your talking about and be willing to share what you know. Give of yourself first without any expectations in return. People innately recognize these type of people and eventually do business with them.

# 3 – Educate Yourself

You need to invest in yourself. Take the time to read books by industry experts and take the lessons they learned and apply it to your situation. You never want to stop the learning process. Make it a goal to read just one book per month to start if that’s all you can do. That is still twelve books read in a calender year. Think of how much that knowledge will help you down the road.

# 4 – Hang Out With Successful People

Make sure your rubbing elbows with the right crowd. Successful people hang out with other successful people. This is done by joining the right networking groups. Befriend a few folks and see how the successful operate. Avoid the loser crowd at all costs as they will get you nowhere fast.

# 5 – Don’t Wait Around For Success

Take charge of your future by becoming an active participant. Get involved by volunteering for positions within your networking group or chamber of commerce. Get noticed as someone who is a doer and can get things done. Become as visible as possible in the groups you join. Make it easy for people to find you.

# 6 – Keep Your Goals Listed Where You Can See Them

Make sure your goals are in print (not just your head) and review them daily if need be. Hold yourself accountable to these goals and make it your mission to achieve them. Having your goals staring you in the face everyday is a great way to stay motivated.

# 7 – Don’t Quit At The One Yard Line

Countless individuals march all the down the field only to quit right before scoring a touchdown. Do not be one of those people. They take the time (and invest the money) and give it their all then just give up because it’s too hard or (insert excuse here). The shame is they don’t realize they are at the one yard line.

Stick at it until you have some success.

Then work harder to get some more. Before you know it you will be one of those successful people in the room we were talking about earlier. Some day the beginners (new business owners) will be emulating you.

I encourage you to take the seven secrets and apply them to your unique situation. Working hard to apply them into your daily routine will super charge your efforts to be a sales success in the cleaning industry.

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