April 2010

Grow Slow And Steady

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by Tom Watson on April 27, 2010

I wanted to do a quick post today on the topic of growing your cleaning business. When you first start out it seems hard to imagine that the little seed (your new company) you planted will ever grow up. It is easy to get impatient and frustrated. You want instant gratification and success. When you don’t get it the idea […]


Creating Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

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by Tom Watson on April 23, 2010

Learn how to craft a Unique Selling Proposition for your cleaning company. Differentiating your cleaning company from the rest of the pack with a well designed Unique Selling Proposition will reap many benefits.


The Mini Commercial

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by Tom Watson on April 21, 2010

Today I’m going to do a quick post on networking. I will pass along some tips that I have learned over the years on how to make the most of the time you spend networking. To network effectively you need a mini commercial. A mini commercial is a quick and to the point synopsis of what […]


Networking For Beginners

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by Tom Watson on April 14, 2010

The act of networking needs to play a major role in your new business. Your success (or failure) in networking will greatly determine how well you fare in business. To help you fully understand it’s importance we need to define what networking really is. Websters Dictionary defines networking as: To make connections among people or groups […]


Building A Loyal Customer Base

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by Tom Watson on April 8, 2010

To have lasting success in the cleaning business you need to keep the customers you worked so hard to get. This is easier said than done if you are not prepared. It is not uncommon to forget about your current customers in your quest to acquire new ones. This creates a vicious cycle. Before long you need to replace […]


7 Secrets To Sales Success

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by Tom Watson on April 2, 2010

What is one of  the most important aspects of your business? One that has tremendous influence over how successful your cleaning business will become. One that can easily be improved upon no matter the situation. The answer is how well you sell yourself. How well you sell your yourself (and by extension how well you sell […]